The Rescue of Nanoose
The Rescue of Nanoose

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Published by TouchWood Editions:

an imprint of Heritage Group.

Written by Mary Borrowman:

Mary lives in Telegraph Cove, B.C., where she and her husband Jim (one of the heros in our story) have operated Stubbs Island Whale Watching for 25 years.

and Chloe O'Loughlin:

Chloe is Executive director of the B.C. Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. She met Captain Jim many years ago while scuba-diving at Stubbs Island near Telegraph Cove. Her husband, Peter, took many of the photographs that inspired the paintings in the book.

Illustrated by Jacqueline Wang:

I studied science, architecture, arts & design, dance, and multimedia across Canada. I now live in British Columbia (where the whales play) with my son. I love to write and paint on the computer when I am not doing other creative and fun things. The Rescue of Nanoose is the first children's picture book that I have illustrated.