The Rescue of Nanoose
The Rescue of Nanoose

Here are the pictures I made for The Rescue of Nanoose. Can you tell a story by looking at these pictures?

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Nanoose's Travel Finding Nanoose
Captain Jim runs down the dock  . . . A female humpback whale is tangled in a thick rope . . . Many boats have gathered near the huge whale.
Jim ties a knife onto a pole. Suddenly a school of Pacific white-sided dolphins appears. Don't worry, I can try again. I will help you.
Here they come. She's going to surface! Quick, Mike. Jump, Jump! Mike jumps into the water right in front of the whale. His heart is pounding. . . . the whale stretches out her pectoral fins as if she is flying.
Does she know that he understands her joy? All the boats beep their horns . . . Jim stares out over the sea.
Goodbye, Nanoose. Come back soon.